The requisite list of owned headphones and music players

The first decent music player I remember owning was a Sony MZ-N505 Minidisc player/recorder. I c an remember hooking it up to my dvd player at the time with a toslink cable and slowly copying everything over to the stack of minidiscs i was to carry with me through India and Thailand for a year. On my previous trips to Asia I had carried a Sony Walkman cassette player.

Not only did the Minidisc provide a castly superior listening experience but only used a single double A battery. I can vividly remember being in a small village in Rajastan, India, where electricity was as scarce as hot water and coming across a small shop selling, among other things, blank minidiscs.

In retrospect, the experience was marred by the necessity of using a folding pair of Philips headphones I found at an upscale mall in Bangkok. Looking like these the headphones had that thin veneer of foam covering the earpiece, and had evaporated within 6 months of constant use.

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