Privacy Matters

It’s not a question of what you have to hide as much as it is about your right to a modicum of privacy. My data, my thoughts, my writing, are all mine. They need not be a currency to be bartered about behind the scenes in an attempt to build a better ad profile. Or criminal profile. Or Personality profile to be used at some later time to sell or incriminate me.

OK, rant over. I have finally disengaged from all social media accounts. The last remaining one was Instagram but it provided little value I couldn’t find elsewhere with a bit of searching.

Then why a website? Particularly as ego maniacally named as this eponymous one. Well, I am not without opinions and ego and I want to post what I want and when.

Firstly, if I can get a handle on this wordpress thing I should have several lists on the upper left of the page soon.

For now, to come full circle on the privacy thing, I want to recommend Protonmail for secure encrypted email and Spideroak One as a secure encrypted alternative to Dropbox. I feel certain Google Drive and Dropbox and One Drive are scanning for what they consider pernicious or inappropriate content and reporting back to their partner media firms. At least with these two options, I feel secure as to their privacy.

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